I am a hedonist.  Web dictionary describes hedonism as a school of thought that values the pursuit of physical pleasure above everything. 


I live for those "feel good"' moments; those special movie moments... the ones that take your breath away and forever change your life. 


I value people and memories over materialism.  That's not to say I don't appreciate Chanel or Dior -    I absolutely love them!  But unlike material goods, memories can not be replicated, neither can people.

I have been told I have a good sense of humor, but to be honest I have no jokes.  I am just really up front and people think I am joking.  Don't worry, it will be cute when I do it to you. 


You must also know that I am a food aficionado.  If you're a picky eater, I can guide you with the best suggestions!  I like my food the same way I like my companions and my music - diverse.


When I am not eating or 'roasting' people; you can find me sunbathing on the beach in the nude.  If you're really lucky, you may even catch me doing all three of my talents at once - now that's a sight to see.  Lucky you. 


I am an avid traveler with an endless list of dream vacations.  I speak fluent Spanish, English, Portuguese and basic Arabic. 


During my college years, I was involved in a Latin dance group.  Often I was hired to dance at weddings and events.  If you like, I can teach you how to salsa, cambium, meringue, samba or just have a good time!

As an avid reader - I usually haul a few books with me everywhere I go.  I enjoy reading non-fiction, psychology, biographies and a bit of science.  I find the universe incredibly fascinating and I love to learn new things. 

Friends describe me as "a breath of fresh air".  I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new things.


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