This seductive temptress was born for the art of love, delving into the subject passionately and eagerly from a young age. I started by reading novels, getting lost in stories of mystical Geisha's, erotic harems, and talented Courtesans from around the world.


Now a woman, I happily dedicate myself to hedonism and to all the pleasures available to man.   You will be instantly awed and enticed when we meet.


My striking figure is slight, curvy, and easily drapes into your arms. My playful laughter quickly puts you at ease.  These delicious pink lips, supple sun kissed skin, come-hither hazel eyes draw you in closer and closer. Sophisticated style, book smarts, and natural sexuality also makes for the perfect companion for any environment or situation - be it the bedroom, vacation, or a dinner date.

I have been told I have a good sense of humor, but to be honest I have no jokes.  I am just really up front and people think I am joking.  Don't worry, it will be cute when I do it to you. 


You must also know that I am a food aficionado.  If you're a picky eater, I can guide you with the best suggestions!  I like my food the same way I like my companions and my music - diverse.


When I am not eating or 'roasting' people; you can find me sunbathing on the beach in the nude.  If you're really lucky, you may even catch me doing all three of my talents at once - now that's a sight to see.  Lucky you. 


I am an avid traveler with an endless list of dream vacations.  I speak fluent Spanish, English, Portuguese and basic Arabic. 


During my college years, I was involved in a Latin dance group.  Often I was hired to dance at weddings and events.  If you like, I can teach you how to salsa, cambium, meringue, samba or just have a good time!

Friends describe me as "a breath of fresh air".  I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new things.

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